Spanked In My Wedding Dress!
By Sarah Thorne©

Copyrighted art used with permission of
It was only 2 weeks before the BIG DAY. Although I'd had 2 years to prepare, it still seemed like there was a million things to do and not enough time to do it. My mother, sisters and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off while the men pretty much did absolutely nothing. Well, I guess I can't complain about my dad...he WAS paying for everything. But David had no excuse. This was his wedding too, after all, and on top of everything I was needing to do, he also wanted me to take time to make sure all of his stuff was organized and ready to go. I don't know how many times, as gifts arrived and I would be in the middle of a phone conversation with the photographer or caterer, he would holler from the other room "Sarah! Get that, dear! I'm watching my game!" Of course, with all the pressure, it eventually got to me.

Sometimes David can just be downright annoying and with my nerves the way they were at this point, I did not take lightly to it. I got quite a few "LOOKS" from him when complaining about how lazy he was during this whole ordeal and couldn't he just help a little?? I did throw a couple bridal fits when something didn't go right too (wasn't I entitled, after all?) I did make comments to my family, sometimes in front of him (as a joke of course!) about his lack of help. The looks he gave me told me I was in for it for embarrassing him like that, but it never came up when we were alone, so I got braver. Pooh to his stupid paddle.

The actual day arrived and I was so nervous that things would go wrong. They didn't. It was absolutely beautiful, amazing and I couldn't have been more pleased. While everyone at the reception raved about how lovely everything was, I actually heard David say to someone "Yeah! We did a lot of work. " I couldn't believe him! Teasingly, I said, in front of his friends, “How would you know, dear? You watched the game during the last 9 months we were planning everything." Then a friend of mine and I went on with a "you know how men are" conversation.

After all was over, we drove off into the night to our awaiting hotel room to stay until our plane left the next day for Hawaii. I was sleepy, lying on David’s chest in the back of the limo until we made our arrival. We got to the room and I was so glad! A bed! I started to take off my dress but David stopped me.

"What?" I asked, thinking maybe he wanted to consummate with me still in garb.

"You know, " he started. "I wanted to wait until everything was done and over with to talk to you about the attitude you have had the last few weeks."

"Oh you're crazy," I said. "I didn't have an attitude. I was just stressed."

"Sarah, we both know what attitude I mean," he said. "And if we are going to have a wonderful and blissful night, it needs to go."

"I am just fine, " I said, annoyed. "If anything, you have the attitude, not me."

He stood there quietly for a minute. I wasn't sure what he was thinking, so I asked him.

"I think you may need to be treated like a child since you have been and are acting like one."

"I am not!" I said and stomped my foot. (Bad move!)

"You threw a hellacious fit last week over the flower arrangement," he reminded me. "All because someone suggested something different than what you wanted. Throwing a tantrum isn't acting like a child?"

"I didn't want those flowers," I said justifiably. He shook his head in dismay and took my hand. He led me to a corner.

"I think you need to stand here a while and think about your rationale," he said.
I pulled back. "No way!"

Now I can tell you that was the wrong thing to say and do. He turned me back around facing the corner and told me to stand there like a good girl. I looked at him as if he was nuts. He walked over to the suitcase, opened it up and pulled out the paddle.

"I think you deserve this," he said. He started walking toward me. " I am going to get rid of that attitude of yours so we can have a honeymoon that both of us can enjoy."

"If you want any sex tonight...." I stuttered, but he just shook his head again.

"Sarah, do you ever learn?"

"I'll stand in the corner,” I said, and turned and faced the corner obediently. Heck, it was better than the paddle anyway. He didn't object, but I also didn't know that he wasn't going to let me get away with just standing in the corner. He knew I was there unwillingly, resenting the time I was there, which only furthered my attitude, not get rid of it. After about 15 minutes he came and got me. No paddle in his hand, that was a relief. He led me over to the sitting area of the suite, sat down, and pulled me over his lap, dress and all. Oh, man! I knew what was next.

"David, for goodness sake," I said, once again unable to hide the annoyance. "It's our wedding night."

"I am very aware," he said. "And that attitude will not do." And he hitched up my dress. I felt his hand pull down my hose, or try to. He finally took my hose down to just above my ankles and my panties down to my knees. My butt was just in the right position, my face pretty much to the floor, dress practically over my head. He started to rub my butt gently. Damn him!

"I hate to have to do this," he said. "especially on our wedding night. Hopefully, this is all you'll need, but knowing you I have a feeling that you'll need more."

Tears of anger welled up in my eyes and he hadn't even started spanking me yet!

"Dammit!" I yelled at him. "Where do you get off treating me like a child??"

SMACK! I was not expecting that at all and it made me jump, but David had a firm grip around my middle.

"As long as you act like a child," he said. "I will treat you like one. We made this clear a long time ago, Sarah." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!SMACK! He started a steady pace of hard spanks on my upturned fanny. It was really starting to sting, but, you know me....I was determined not to cry. He would not break me. It's funny how everytime I always have the same mentality...stubbornness...and I know full well that David will carry out whatever he needs to do to bring me back under his care. I really do need someone to protect me from myself sometimes. But at the time it's happening, I am determined that he will not.

Usually David gives me about 50 hand spanks, but this went on a lot longer. I started screaming at him, what in the hell are you doing?? All this did was infuriate him further. My butt was extremely uncomfortable now and I started desperately to wiggle my behind out from under his stinging smacks. Finally he stopped. I reached back and rubbed my hot tush.

"Are you done?" I asked indignantly. SMACK!

"Do you ever learn??" he asked again. He pushed me to my feet. "You know, I was hoping that was all I would have to do. Guess I should have known better than that when dealing with you, huh?" He stood up and took me over to the chair by my arm. I hobbled, with my hose still around my ankles. "Bend over the back of this chair and hold onto the arm rests."

I pulled my arm away from him. "Forget it!"

"I can tie you down to it." he said. That was all I needed. Damn! I bent over the back of the chair and grabbed onto the armrests, my butt sticking straight up and out. He once again pulled my dress up and over my back, exposing my freshly spanked bottom. He walked over to the bed and I saw him pick up that paddle. And I had bought a nice white bikini for the beach too!

"You better not!" I spit at him. Now, we do have a rule. If I ask him not to spank me, he won't do it. Demanding that he not do it doesn't count, nor does 'Stop! Stop!' I have to ask him, and he knows that by doing that I have acknowledged a resignation, which is something he practically has to spank out of me sometimes. (well,ok, most times). It really is pretty much a battle of wills, although sometimes I wonder if I was wielding the paddle, how the tables may be turned a bit.

"I was hoping that it wouldn't come to this," he said and administered the first WHAP! That hurt more than I remembered. David had only had to use the paddle on me a few times since that first time, which was the night we got engaged. He had told me plainly that night that he loved my independence, but sometimes it turned into obnoxiousness and he would be there to bring me back to reality in this particular way.

As he continued to rain that paddle down on my sore bum, I felt my anger start to dissipate. I really had been a bitch the last few weeks. He was giving me exactly what I deserved but,god, did it have to be so hard? Usually I was over his lap but this position gave his arm more swing room and it made a big difference! Soon, the stinging became almost unbearable burning and inevitably, the tears started and I began to kick...or try, anyway. My hose around my calves and panties around my knees helped keep that to a minimum. I started begging him to "stop, I can't take anymore" but he continued. That wasn't enough with him. My butt felt 10 times its normal size as I tried my best to maneuver out of the paddles aim. No luck. I started to cry uncontrollably, finally just giving up fighting and lying still over that chair while sobbing into it. That was his cue to stop. He put the paddle back in the suitcase while I lay over the back of that chair, sobbing away. I felt a strange sensation on my butt that made me leap up. It was David and he was kissing each cheek gently. He pulled me into his arms, my dress falling back down, the rough crendalin rubbing against my raw bottom, but the pain didn't compare to the comfort and safety I felt in David's arms. He hugged me for what seemed the longest time, until my loud sobbing turned to silent tears while he rubbed my hair and kissed my head. When the crying stopped, we moved over to the bed to make love, with my dress on of course. This time the hose and panties came off completely. I can tell you, though, that during our love making David reached under me and grabbed hold of my still throbbing fanny and the climax that came with that....WOW! It really rocked my world and made it all worthwhile!