In the 'Top' Position
By Sarah Thorne©

She stared at and stroked the bottom over her lap. She could not believe that, for once, he was actually going to let her spank him. Could she do it? She really didn't even know how, even with as many times as he'd spanked her. But it was nice to have the opportunity.

He glanced back at her with a wicked glint in his eye and said, "You better remember that you're next, darling."

She laughed warmly. "You're in no position to threaten," and she gave a sharp, playful slap to one cheek, pleased at the barely pink handprint that appeared.

It started as they were watching television, snuggled on the couch. He had ended up lying across her lap, not an uncommon thing, in simply nothing but his boxers. He did like her to stroke his backside, bare or clothed. Only this time she had jokingly raised her hand and gave him a firm smack to see his reaction. He had jerked, more from surprise than the sting. She had laughed and did it again.

"Young lady!" he said in a mock threatening tone, yet not moving. "You better watch yourself. The hairbrush hasn't been used in an awful long time."

"Are you saying you'd like me to use it on your bottom?" she teased, rubbing the way she knew he liked it.

"I am saying that if you get any braver, your bottom will be feeling it."

She rubbed, thought, eased down his boxers as he lifted to allow her to do so, and rubbed some more. Without warning her hand rose and landed another SMACK!

"Don't you like that?" she asked innocently. He said nothing and she smacked again. "Young man!" she said mockingly. "Answer me when I talk to you!"

He turned his head and gave her an amusing look. "I'll tell you what," he said. "If you're curious then yes, you can do it. And yes..." he wiggled his bottom in a way that she normally did for him. "...I have to admit that the sting is a bit pleasant."

SMACK! "Believe me! I'm making the most of this, mister!" she told him.

And thus it started.

But to give him a real spanking? Where to begin? Of all the times he had stung her ass, she should have been an expert on how it was done. But she had no clue.

'What's the matter, sarah?" he teased. "Chicken?"

Chicken? She'd show him 'chicken'!

She encircled his middle with her left arm, as he always did to her, not that she could hold him in place if he should truly choose to get free, and began smacking those man cheeks so enticingly presented for her hand. It wasn't so hard, really. One cheek, then the other. Striking different spots until she covered every inch, then revisiting them again and again. She began to settle into a pattern and was amazed at how easily that was done. Three spanks at the top of one cheek, three on the full part of the same cheek, down again until she reached the top of his thigh, then doing the same to the other cheek, except working up. Each time she started the pattern over, she spanked harder, his pink cheeks becoming pinker, dark pink, ...he squirmed slightly.

"Where'd you learn to spank like that?" he asked and she was a bit pleased that he seemed somewhat out of breath, trying hard not to give it away.

She continued even harder, "The master taught me." she replied.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Top...SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Middle...SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Bottom... then the sit spot, alternating cheeks, which were quickly going from pink to red. She was beginning to feel powerful and loved it! So, this was why he liked it so much. This was the type of view he had, using his hand as a paintbrush. His wiggling increased and his hand finally reached back to grasp hers in mid air.

"Okay, baby, you've had fun....that's enough,"

She smacked his hand down. "I'll - say - when - it's - enough!" Each word accentuated by a firm smack. How good it felt to repeat what he often told her.

He pushed himself up a bit. "I said that's enough!" he told her menacingly. She pushed his upper back hard and he collapsed back down on the couch. He lay there, stunned.

"There's extra for you, young man! Maybe with the hairbrush," she said, never ceasing the spanking. "Now be still and take your spanking like a good boy!"

He was stunned speechless. It was all in fun, she had had her fun and now it was starting to get just a tad painful. But he had told her she could do this. What's fair is fair, he thought.

"You are NOT going to sit for a week!" he spluttered as she reigned a flurry of smacks on his wiggling, defenseless bare bum.

"Oh? Well, that makes both of us!" she said with amusement. He did seem uncomfortable, as he was shifting around on her lap quite a bit. She stopped and soothingly rubbed his red cheeks. "This is always my favorite part when you do it," she told him.

He purred. "Mmm...yes, it does feel nice."

She rubbed and kneaded, his cock erect between her knees. She reached under him with her left hand and stroked while right hand stroked his flaming ass. He moaned, eyes closed, arms splayed on the couch...much like she did while over his lap. But he wasn't 'getting off' so easily. She was going to take advantage of her "top" position, for who knew if he'd ever let her do this again? She planned to do to him exactly what he always did to her...torturing slowly, erotically, making her wait and eventually beg, all the while, stinging her cheeks in between.

Knowing him so well, she always knew by his body language when he was getting close. The changes in his breathing, the tensing, the facial expressions...although she could only see part of his face. She stopped stroking his hardness, gave a sharp slap to a cheek and told him to stand. It took him a minute to comply, but he did. He seemed more accepting of the situation than before, his stiffness directly in front of her as he stood and she sat. She leaned and gave the tip a sweet kiss with her moist mouth, taking the head in her mouth and suckling lightly. She took him all the way in, briefly, then suckled again on the tip. Not for long, just enough to taste him, to give him a taste.

"I think you should thank me for your spanking," she suggested after she had pulled back to his disappointed groan.

He shifted slightly. "Thank you for my spanking." He said, a slightly amused glint in his eye. Almost a smartass!

She shook her head, relishing this control. "A proper thank you, please. I think you know what that is." Of course he did! He required it of her often.

Slowly did he kneel between her parted legs and grasp the waistband of her panties, sliding them down smooth, tan legs as she lifted, then off completely. He pushed her long t-shirt up just past her naval and she leaned back as he moved in, using lips, tongue, teeth expertly to tease, tantalize until she was absolutely breathless and gasping herself. He worked her body with his mouth, fingers spreading her petals open and finding the source of her wetness, thrusting in and out, helping his mouth do it's job while his woman moaned and writhed in exquisite sensation. He drew her clit into his mouth, sucking gently as he knew that drove her over the edge and soon her powerful climax racked her whole body, her spasms overtaking her as she cried out in orgasmic bliss. He lapped relentlessly, sucking as her fingers entwined and grasped his hair, until he was certain that she was finished, then rose his upper body, still on his knees before her. It took her a moment to regain her own senses before she sat up fully, taking his face in her hands and devouring his mouth, tasting herself and savoring it. She could feel his desire and it matched her own. How did he hold off from taking her when he did this to her? She focused herself. This wasn't over. She had some other things to share with him.

"Now," she said, after leaving him wanting. "I want you to bring me the hairbrush."

"What?" he asked in disbelief. Oh yes, she planned to show him just how that damn thing felt, especially after having already been spanked by hand. He'd done that to her several times. Not often, usually during one of the more intense spankings but she felt (wickedly) that receiving would help him better understand what she went through, although this was generally playful. He'd never been spanked before-at least not as an adult.

"The hairbrush," she pointed to the bedroom. His eyes told her that she was really digging a hole for herself, but he got up and walked into the bedroom as she delightfully watched his fading-colored bottom disappear. He approached with the large, oval wooden brush and handed it to her with great reluctance. She smiled and patted her lap and over he went. She rubbed the brush on his now pink bottom, allowing him the feel of his soon-to-be stinger. His hardness was up against her own wetness, a wonderful sensation, even more so as she imagined once he started to squirm from the fire she knew the brush would ignite in his ass.

She raised the brush and brought it down, not very hard but firmly nevertheless.

'Ouch!" he turned his head and glared. "Not so damn hard!"

He would have had soap in her mouth so fast if those words had passed her lips during a spanking. And it wasn't all that hard anyway, although she supposed it felt that way to him, being how he'd already been spanked by hand. She said nothing, however, just brought the brush down again with equal force on the opposite cheek. He jerked, twisted again to glare at her.

"Be still!" she ordered, then began pelting his bare bottom with the brush. He certainly did squirm an awful lot, making noises deep down in his throat, an occasional "Ow! Dammit!" escaping, followed by her name in warning tone. He just wasn't learning. She spanked a bit harder. Soon, his wigglings more prominent, a wonderful feeling against her own arousal, his breath harsher and all he could manage was a few "ouches" every now and then. It didn't take long before he was pleading for her to stop. She thought he was lucky that he didn't have to do corner time, although he may have welcomed the respite.

"Stop?" she asked, continuing her tirade.

"It hurts, baby...very much..."

Yes, she knew that all too well. Being merciful (yes, merciful), she gave him a few more good swats and began once more to rub his punished butt.

"That really hurt," he said, sounding almost tearful. Almost, but not quite.

"Yes," was all she said, but kept rubbing. She knew exactly how it felt. He was silent, basking in the sting mingled with the sensation from her soothing hand.

"How many did you give me?" he asked curiously. "Because, you know, I always go pretty easy on you."

"Mmmm....hmmmm...." cynically, she had to laugh. What a line! She'd see how easy he went once she let him up, she thought to herself. Lovingly she continued to rub his bottom, not forgetting his arousal pressed between her own thighs. She reached between once more with a free hand and caressed as he purred. Lightly fondling, then firmly, then lightly again, her right hand rubbing more steadily. She gave a very soft, gentle slap to his bottom while stroking his cock. He moaned. She did it again, starting to feel guilty now about the hairbrush. His cock grew harder and harder from the attentions of her left hand, an occasional moan escaping his own throat. This was nice, very nice, he thought to himself. He may allow her to do this more often. His arousal only growing, the gentle slaps on his already sore bottom intensifying that feeling. She leaned and kissed a warm cheek. It felt so good against her soft lips. She stopped her stroking as he groaned his disapproval.

"Baby, on the couch, sitting back," she ordered, giving his red rear a nice slap.

"No, no honey...finish, please," he pleaded, sounding much like she when on the receiving end.

"Oh trust me, I will," she wanted him, yet he wasn't like her. She could cum all night, over and over and over, if he felt up to giving her that but once he came...well, given the difference between men and women in that area, that would be the end of any possible intercourse afterward. She wanted to feel him inside her, thrusting, pulsating. But she still planned to be on 'top' of the situation.

He got up, sat down on the couch, wincing from the pressure that sitting applied to his burn. His hardness very evident as she straddled him, taking his cock and rubbing it against her own clit, up and down, getting the tip wet, teasing him, herself. It wasn't long before she was cumming again, her head thrown back, rasping breath, moaning as he kissed, sucked and lightly nipped taut nipples, hands under and massaging each breast. She mounted him completely until he sank deep within her silky depths. Slowly, oh so slowly, did she rise and fall while kissing him deeply, his large hands gripping each of her cheeks tightly in heightened anticipation of what he was so ready for, what he desired so badly, yet had to wait until she decided to pace herself so he could reach it. Teasingly, her tongue on his lips, tracing, looking naughtily into his eyes, knowing....knowing that the control was hers at this particular moment. He thrust his hips and she shook her head at him.

"No, no, no....I will do this. You will cum when I allow you to."

His moan giving away what she knew all to well he was feeling, being under control of another, forcing your body to hold back despite every nerve screaming to release until the word, that one word so desperately waiting to hear. Slowly, excruciatingly slow did she continue her thrusting, in and out of her sopping wetness did he slide through no effort of his own...trying so hard, so hard until she began to rise and fall a bit more quickly, her lips on his neck, drawing out his eagerness, his torture until he became almost desperate in his bodily pleadings, moving up to his ear, "Cum for me." she whispered and he released in a torrent inside her, heaving breaths, fingers digging into her hips while forcing them to rock back and forth upon his throbbing cock, the movement restimulating her now-hypersensitive clit, causing her to spasm once more, this time around his cock, her abundant juices flowing over him. She leaned, kissed his agape mouth. It took him a minute, but he finally did kiss her back, hands moving up to grasp a fistful of hair while doing so, reasserting in the process who was now in control. When both of their breathing was back to normal, she looked him in the eyes and smiled demurely, "Well was that?"

He smiled back warmly, stroking her back. "I think," he told her. "that I may become a switch."